Sheila's Lethicite
General Information
Type Key Item
Usage Scarred Blade
Locations Found
Drop From Sheila

Content Author: Unknown

Sheila's Lethicite is Lethicite gotten from Sheila upon successfully corrupting her and turning her into a demon. It can then be taken to Tel'Adre to make the Scarred Blade.

Shiela's Lethicite, when shown to the Blacksmith
You pull out the dark purple crystal you received from Sheila and ask if it would be possible to alloy a blade from it. He doesn't move to take it from your outstretched hand just yet, but you can see a hint of interest in the softening of his features. "That's a lethicite. Where'd you get it?" asks the smith.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

You drool the mess in your mouth into your hand; the thick fluid you felt first is a light lavender, but as the black sludge from her tail suffuses it, it darkens to a deep purple. The mixture clings together, gelling and then solidifying into an irregular, lustrous stone - a crystal. It heats up in your hand, and you can feel an arousing power leaking into you.

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Trivia Edit

  • It was intended to have the option to turn Sheila's Lethicite into ear piercings. This eventually was scrapped.
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