"Sweetie, you've finished the main story of the game! Why not explore? There's a lot in here that isn't a part of the main story."

This page is written in an out-of-character perspective due to its content. It may be worded differently than the rest of the wiki. This is intentional.


Silly Mode is one of two major game modes, the other being Grimdark Mode. Much unlike Grimdark, however, there are much more subtle effects that don't majorly alter game play. Most are small text changes to NPCs and such, or events that open more, but minor, interactive opportunities.

Effects Edit

While Silly Mode doesn't affect gameplay on a major scale, there are still various changes throughout the game, including some unique Bad End texts.

Text Changes Edit

  • Meeting Callu for the first time causes the champion to be horrified that they don't have to learn a tragic back-story or fight her to have sex.
  • If Rathazul is a camp follower you will get the option to flirt with him, although when you suggest to have sex together he will die and be miraculously revived(???). After that he will tell you to never ask him again.
  • When first meeting Rebecc, she remarks that no adult in Owca has their anal virginity any more.
    • If the champion has less that 20 corruption, they assure Rebec that she doesn't have to worry about hers anymore, meaning that they will be the week's sacrifice.
    • If the champion has 60 or more libido and corruption, and has a penis, they will get so aroused by Rebecc's explanation of Owca's situation that they fear they might break their armor.
  • Upon first arriving at the ant colony for the arena challenge, the champion is told they're not on the list of contestants. The champion responds by saying that their name better be on the list soon or they'll beat the ant staff and throw them out of the colony.
  • File:Hahanokneesstatue.png
    The Living Statue is specifically described as not having knees, to which the champion assumes it will make dodging attacks easier.
  • The description for the Scholar perk and the champion talking to Jojo about their past changes Mr. Sellet to Mr. Savin.
  • When talking to the Gargoyle about her former master, the champion tells the Gargoyle that "master" is a masculine term. The Gargoyle asserts that her former master was male, too, much to the champion's confusion.
  • When Rathazul offers DeBimbo for Bimbo Sophie, there is a C# await joke.
  • When tutoring Kid A with a Flintlock Pistol, the sound effects of "Pew pew pew!" are added.
  • The champion has the option to say "Banana" to Zetsuko, much to Zetsuko's distress. It's also established that the champion doesn't know what a banana is.
  • Cleaning the stables at the Ingnam Farm includes the champion closing their nose with a clothespin.
  • When interacting with Lottie, the champion obsesses over bacon.
  • The Yeti has bipedal horses hanging on a wall. One of these has a heated metal cylinder beneath it. It's meant to be a reference to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • When Jojo turns into Joy, there is a Pokémon joke of Jojo "evolving" into Joy and forgetting the move "Chastity" in order to learn "Sex".
    • This joke also returns if the champion convinces Jojo to have sex with them, albeit minus the evolving part.
  • Benoit shares a story of demons asking how to say "cheese omelet" in Basilisk. When he answers, the demons ran away while making fun of him.
  • The champion suspects Izmael's show-offish one-handed push-ups are to win the "priiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiize".
  • Izmael says "jawesome" over "awesome".
  • Talking to Kiha post-victory for the second time results in Kiha angrily flying away. Silly mode adds the champion wondering if this is what it's like to be Lottie.
  • Enables punching trees in the Forest and Deepwoods in a Minecraft-esque fashion to collect wood.
  • The cast of Team Fortress 2 will protect the champion from being automatically raped by a Minotaur the first time the champion would be.
  • File:Determinationprison.png
    If the champion studies determination in the prison and has 60+ intelligence and 50 or less corruption, an Undertale reference of "You are filled with DETERMINATION." appears.
  • Trying to enter the Omnibus Overseer's office without first defeating the Incubus Mechanic adds the text, "No, you can't break it down! Locked doors are indestructible!"
  • Buying a life-time membership at the Tel'Adre Gym has a reference to Futurama, as the champion says "Shut up and take my Gems!" while buying the membership.
  • During the scene where the champion drinks Hollicynthea's sap, the champion labels themselves as a tree-hugger.
  • When training Katherine with Urta, the champion jokes about bringing ghostbusting gear. If they have or have met Shouldra, they will also mention her as well.
    • In the same scene, when Katherine corners herself, the champion tries to coo her out of the corner by saying "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty." It fails.
    • Later in training, on a day where training fails, the champion and Katherine fight over having sex with Urta.
  • Jasun's shoulder span is described as six feet wide.
  • When Cotton gives birth, she agrees to do it in the pool, so long as the "cube shark" isn't there.
  • When telling Cotton to take contraceptives, she says it's better to be safe than overrun by a herd of little horsefolk.
  • When helping out with the Bakery's Easter bake sale, there is a reference to the song "Chocolate Rain".
  • Kiha has a number of speech changes, including calling the champion "Baka" and asking "Did I do that?" in a high-pitched voice meant to mock Steve Urkel.
  • Giving Kiha underwear includes "cranking her sexiness up to eleven."
  • During the breast volleyball dream, there are a few changes. One of the incubi are specified to have Pink Flamingo sunglasses. The poles for the volleyball net are equine penises over demonic ones. When the champion wakes up from the dream, they wonder what the dream may have done to their mental health.
  • If the champion has a vagina and no penis, once they defeat Jean Claude, they raise their fists at the air and yell, "I AM THE LIZARD QUEEN!"
  • During the fourth argument between Shouldra and Exgartuan, the champion gets mad over the two fighting of who gets to stay in them, as they're taking away the champion's personal autonomy.
  • When going along with Shouldra's eating spree and having an eclair, the champion calls it a "fucking good eclair".
  • After Shouldra tells Madeleine that the All-You-Can-Eat course is for dedicated customers, Maddie blushes. She then echoes what Shouldra said, to which Shouldra tells her to "knock that shit off" and decide if she's in or not.
  • When Rubi puts on the Green Adventurer's Clothes, they mimic the champion and call them a collector of waifus.
  • The game will display the unlocking text for the Dress-tacular achievement.
  • During the communal bath scene with the Bath Girl, the champion will grab Kiha and force her in. Kiha reluctantly accepts her fate and calls the champion a "baka".
  • When Isabella returns Helia's bow, "breaking the handshake" is replaced with "breaking the (milk)shake".
  • If the champion has multiple children with Izma, they will look away from their daughters preforming sexual acts on one another and "yell at whoever originally wrote the forbidden scenes".
  • In a NewGame+, an Izma forced to remove her penis will reason her demand of Gems with "I'm getting fucking tired of Champions removing my dick."
  • The Chilly Smith is called Chili's.
  • When Sun ushers the champion out of the shop by paying them a few Gems, he says dollars over Gems.

Combat Changes Edit

  • File:Kihatheweeaboo.png
    Kiha gets a special attack in which she hits the champion hard enough to send them flying to Marble. It makes fun of anime/manga and video games, and talks about the fake video game consoles "XJasun" and "SharkCube" if the attack misses.
  • Sand Witches are meant to get a sprite called "sandwidch". Game files indicate it would be a Sand Witch holding a sandwich, though the sprite doesn't exist nor appear in-game.
  • The Sand Trap is called a "Sand tarp".
  • There is a penis-based tease where the champion flexes and asks their opponent, "Do you even lift?"
  • When battling a Kitsune, if the champion waits, they will slump into the Kitsune's tails. Silly mode adds the champion being very pleased at touching a fluffy tail.
  • The Oasis Demons have an arm patch that reads, "41st Engineer Company: Vaginal Clearance"
  • Once Kiha is defeated in combat, the thud her weapon makes upon falling to the ground is compared to the sound of Urta's penis.
  • If the champion defeats Corrupt Marae, they wonder if they just punched out Cthulhu-- or in this case, Marae.
  • File:Fightvsmercy.png
    When deciding whether to kill or spare Tamani, the button text becomes "FIGHT" and "MERCY", in reference to Undertale.
  • Using Cleansing Palm on a very corrupt opponent results in the text "It's super-effective!" appearing, a reference to Pokémon.

Quest Changes Edit

  • Agreeing to help Helia at the Tower of the Phoenix and having Marble as a lover causes an argument between the two. It's resolved by Helia kicking Marble hard enough to send her flying into the Swamp. Kiha's enraged scream is heard in the distance.
  • The tooltip for choosing to kill the Harpy Queen says "Give her the Bad End!"
  • Being sexless and choosing to have sex with the Harpy Queen causes the champion to realize they can't and mark it down as another reason to not have no genitals.

Bad End Changes Edit

Main article: Bad End
  • File:Sillyend.png
    Don't lose hope... (Name)! Stay determined!
  • Wasted
  • Ya dun goofed
  • Git gud

Holiday Changes Edit

  • The champion calls the Christmas bunny's voice to be "shriller than that asshole from Glee".
  • The Christmas chicken calls the champion a "scrub".
  • Kami's note left for the champion will have a doodle of a penis in the corner.
  • When choosing to keep Nieve, the champion is gleeful that they don't have to worry about "buying worthless dye or raising their affection".
  • When inspecting Nieve's appearance, the champion makes the assumption that Nieve has a butthole, and that it is between their cheeks "where it belongs".
  • Having Nieve take charge during sex causes the champion to remark that Nieve's skill proves Nieve's claim that their kind are effectively love slaves.
    • Later in that same scene, if the champion chooses to have anal sex, their butt will be referred to as their "pooper".
  • Changes the April Fool's holiday event to include becoming Pony-kin at the Lake.
  • Changes the Christmas holiday to include meeting Polar Pete at the Plains.
  • Choosing "Lick Her" when engaging in sex with Nieve causes the champion's tongue to get stuck on her. It reduces some lust.
  • Jack Frost can only be encountered if silly mode is on.
  • When encountering Carol for the first time when it's not the holidays, the champion declines taking rock candy, saying they brought their own. Silly mode adds, "(you didn't)".
  • If it is the holidays, Carol is described as not having a penis among being called kind and forgiving.

Oviposition Scene Changes Edit

  • During the Basilisk Drider-ovipositing scene, the Basilisk is described to be pinned between a rock and a hardening place.
  • If the champion is depositing bee eggs into an Anemone, they will tell her to stop making a duck face.
    • Later in the same scene, the champion is amused by the thought of the Anemone shooting bees when she talks, and believes that Nicholas Cage would be proud.
  • When the champion puts eggs in the Bunny Girl, the description for how many eggs they put in her is replaced with keeping going and going "like an energizer bunny".
  • When a Sand Witch hatches a champion's bee eggs, the swarm hatched say "@".
  • When putting spider eggs in a Minotaur, his butthole is given the euphemism "O.K. Corral".
  • If the champion puts bee eggs in a Minotaur, they leave with the words, "And that's how you make Scotch Eggs, cowboy."

Sex Scene Changes Edit

  • If the champion has less than 50 lust and 20 libido, having anal sex with Isabella gets cut short by her "laughable doujin-tier pillow talk", as the champion gets unaroused. The champion decides to post what Isabella said on 4chan later for the laughs.
  • During the scene where the champion pulls Marble's tail, she asks if they want to brush their teeth with her tail next time.
  • In the Vapula/Ceraph/champion anal sex scene, the champion begins chanting, "Butt-fuck!" and the other two join in.
  • When having anal sex with the Gargoyle, if the champion's first penis is at least 50 inches, they will sexually spear her.
  • Winning the arena challenge and having sex with Phylla with 75+ corruption causes the champion to reflect on an old saying, "Those who fuck monsters are doomed to fuck monsters." They then realize this is wrong, and struggle to remember what the saying actually is.
  • If engaging in oral sex with Phylla after winning the arena challenge, she will suddenly whisper, "Simba," and rub her fingers across the champion's eyebrows. The champion gets confused and asked what that means. She replies that it means "Silly" in her native tongue.
  • Engaging in corrupt oral sex with Phylla will have a Red Media Letter reference, followed by the champion waking up some time later and lamenting over sleeping on the floor.
  • If the champion has a penis and has sex with Phylla while she is laying eggs, there is a scene where the two burp loudly.
  • If the champion has high corruption and a penis, and decides to have sex with their colony, there is a Lord of the Rings reference.
    • Champions with a vagina and no penis instead have the scene of their children echoing them saying, "For the greater good."
  • File:Firmfauxphallus.png
    When using the Dildo in their anus, the champion gets aroused at an alliteration.
  • If the champion wins against Vapula's demon hoard and decides to have sex with the demons, their line upon leaving is, "Ass for ass, assholes."
  • When having sex with the Behemoth, the words "big dick" become "dig bick".
  • Choosing to have a bath of the Behemoth's semen breaks the fourth wall by having the champion remark that the game hasn't featured a literal bath of semen until now.
  • Joy refers to testicles as "funorbs" and a penis as a "funstick".
  • Benoite's egg is described as a "complex rhomboidal polygon with 15 sides."
  • Choosing the "3i@-" option for having sex with a Sand Witch produces a scene where the game appears to glitch and break.
  • If the champion has a high semen production when having sex with Victoria, she will be forcibly shot across the room when the champion ejaculates.
  • During one of Kiha's sex scenes, the champion's armor falls to the ground with a "Pomf =3".
  • When Shouldra and Exgartuan have sex, a Harpy flies overhead and yells "Slut!"
  • A special sex scene with Shouldra is available to a champion who meets very specific requirements. The scene involves the champion acting like a medieval knight who wishes to court Shouldra. At the end of it, Shouldra reveals that she is a ghost. It includes a Danny Phantom reference.
    • The requirements are: No more than one penis, penis must not be above 10 inches long, no horns or tail(s) or vagina(s), face and lower body must be human, height must be between 65 and 78 inches tall, and they need to have 15 corruption or less.
  • When deciding whether or not to have sex with stage 2 Hollicynthea, "What do you do?" is replaced with "What do?"
  • During the sex scene with Hollicynthea where the champion vaginally takes her tentacles, Holli decides to spend 10 minutes talking about Jack Sparrow.
  • If the champion has 10 tentacle-shaped penises, they are described as "wildly waving, inflatable-arm, flailing tube-cocks," which is a Family Guy reference.
  • If a champion with a vagina loses to Kinariel, they describe their arousal at one point by saying they could drown someone in their underwear.
  • Having sex with Mitzi includes the addition of smut writers being counted on for hubris.
  • After giving Kiha an Incubi Draft, the champion says to her during the sex that follows that this is "their game," and that they "control the horizontal and the vertical".
  • If the champion has a tentacle-shaped penis and has sex with Kiha, they whisper, "Shhhh... no tears now. Only dreams... and tentacles."
  • When the champion is done having sex with Heckel and was the dominant one during it, they get a bacon shake on their way out. If they've met Lottie, they high-five her.
  • If the champion has anal sex with the Incubus Mechanic, the act of penetrating is described as "aligning tab C with slot buttfuck".
  • After having anal sex with a Drider, the text "(Driders butt-sex is awesome.)" is added to the scene.
  • If Amily is corrupted and a slave, she will perk up to attention when the champion calls Kelly a "cumbucket", even though she's far away.
  • On the final breaking of Kelt, the champion yells "Cum cannon!" before ejaculating.
  • When giving Kelly applesauce on the second+ time, she asks what the champion has made. They begin to reply, "Parsley, sage, rosemary, and c..." before cutting themselves off.
  • If the champion interrupts Bimbo Rubi and her adultery partner, they call Rubi their waifu.
  • If they wait, then they watch the two and notice that they're "doing positions that aren't available in the game."
  • File:Uglypun.png
    If the champion is wearing the amaranthine Cock-sock, the penis transformation dream changes an instance of "not" to "knot" while the champion admires the effects of a knotted penis.
  • If a champion with a vagina chooses to have sex with the Herm Centaur, one of their options for changing the Centaur's penis is "HORZ GOG" instead of "Horsecock".
  • During the scene where Valeria and a Goo-girl stuff a champion with a vagina with goo, Billy Mays appears to announce, "But wait, there's more!" part-way through it.
  • During a loss rape scene with a Goblin Assassin or Goblin Shaman, a champion with a penis will be told to "Stop right there, criminal scum," upon almost ejaculating.