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Level 11
Hit Points 380
Strength 55
Toughness 40
Speed 110
Intelligence 60
Libido 60
Sensitivity 50
Corruption 60
Gems Drop 20-44
Items Drop Golden Seed
Wizard's Robes
Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Harpy
Family Sophie's Daughters
Body Parts
Build Boxum
Face lacks youthful quality, though no lines that would indicate age
Lips thick layer of golden lipstick over her plump lips
Arms feathery
Legs feathery
Feet bird-like, taloned feet
Hair long pink feathers extends from her shoulders
Feathers Pink
Wings primary
Tail long tailfeathers
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts DD-cups
Vagina glittering, moist pussy
Pregnant? ×
Clothing Naked
Locations and More
Occupation Broodmother
Location(s) High Mountain
Interaction Talk
Has your children

"Mmm, baby, I’m hooooorny, could we, like, fuck or something?"

Sophie is a harpy that will greet you once you have climbed up high enough in the High Mountain, she will then ask why you are there.

Appearance Edit

Ingame Description:
Sophie is a big, buxom harpy, no two ways about her. She has long pink 'hair' that dangles off her shoulders, like a bird’s plumage. She wears a thick layer of golden lipstick over her plump lips at all times, like most of her kind, the gloss capable of giving her voice a compelling quality or inducing arousal on contact with males or herms. Her face lacks the youthful quality found among many of her sisters, though you don’t see any of the lines that would indicate age.

Sophie's breasts are unusually large. The buxom harpy does seem slightly encumbered by them, but still capable of flight. Her breasts look to be about DD-cups, nice and big enough for a soft squeeze or rough tit-fuck.

She has a glittering, moist pussy concealed between her thick thighs, both of which start the feathery covering that reaches all the way to her bird-like, taloned feet. Her jiggly backside wobbles slightly with every exaggerated step she takes, with her long tail feathers fanning above it. You're sure there's a tight butthole located between them, where it belongs, but you can't really get a look at it with all the plump ass surrounding it.

Sophie's arms are covered in feathers as well, and are somewhat wing-like in appearance, though she has human hands at the ends of them. Her primary wings are larger and sprout out above her shoulder blades. She often keeps them folded out of the way behind her, but she can kick up a huge dust-storm with them when she wants.



Sophie is cordial toward males and herms, telling them there are no demons (the harpies chase them off) or spare food on that part of the mountain but making no threats.

If you claim to be lost or looking for sex, she invites you to her nest for a tumble. This has not been seen to do any harm.

Further encounters will allow you to choose whether to accept or decline her offer for sex or to dominate her. On occasion, Sophie will bring you to her nest and demand you fertilize her, not allowing you the option to dominate her. If you choose to dominate her, you will initiate combat with her, and she will become hostile for one day.

If you decline her offer for sex while she is already fertilized, your Libido will be decreased by 1 (to a minimum of 25). If you decline while she needs fertilizing, she will fight you and then become hostile for one day (or perhaps just the next encounter, not sure).

Will lay an egg after a few days, allowing you to fertilize her again. This does not seem to affect gameplay.

If you have a small cock, roughly 5.5/6 inches or so (Needs more testing) , or a gigantic cock (at LEAST 12) she will give your penis a verbal smack down before mating. If the latter, then she will find a creative way to get you to fertilize her without penetration.


After a first encounter, she will warn you not to continue further up into the mountains. You can either fight Sophie, continue climbing up the mountain or leave. If you choose to ignore her warning you will be attacked by a harpy. If you agree to fight her she will continue to be hostile from then on.

If you are lactating, Sophie may ask you to come with her and share your milk. You can agree and get a small scene with her breastfeeding which also seems to prolong the amount of time that you lactate or you can refuse and she will ask you to come back if you change your mind.

Fighting StyleEdit

Sophie is immediately described as a «trained fighter». She is hard to defeat, using combo techniques that will quickly eat away at your HP (22-40 HP per hit).

Sophie is a Lv. 11 enemy.

Estimated HP: 480

Loot: Wizard's robes and Golden seed.

Bimbo SophieEdit

If Champion fights and defeats Sophie whilst having a bottle of Bimbo Liqueur in their possession, they are given the option to force-feed it to her, which will increase their corruption. This causes her feathers to turn platinum blonde, her feather-hair to grow down to her ass, and her DD-cup breasts to swell to F-cups, rendering her incapable of flight. Once they do this, they are given the option to either take Sophie back to their Camp with them, or leave her in the High Mountains.

If they leave her, then Sophie vanishes from the game permanently.

In camp, there are multiple sex scenes that the Champion can engage in with Sophie. Sophie will at some point (maybe only if the character has a penis?) go into heat, at which point the Hero is given the option of impregnating her. If they have successfully impregnated Sophie, there will be a scene where Sophie asks if she can sleep with them at night. This cuddling ends up with the Champion, unsurprisingly, waking up to morning sex more often than not. (Must Sophie be impregnated for the cuddle option to appear? If no, will she ask a female to cuddle? If so, will she also awaken the female player with sex?)

Bimbo Sophie will randomly kiss the Champion once per day, afflicting them with the effects of Harpy Lipstick.

If Champion has Bimbo Sophie in their camp and has the Chest with an Ovi elixir in it, there will be a random scene of Sophie digging it out and offering to drink it. Whether the Champion chooses yes or no, Ovi Elixir becomes an option when approaching her, so long as the Hero has a bottle in either their inventory or their Stash. If Champion has a penis they have the option to have sex with a newly egged-up Sophie, while those with a vagina can instead opt to lay eggs alongside her. In either case, the result is a single Large Egg of a random color.

It is possible to de-bimboify Sophie; see Follower section below.

Follower SophieEdit

In order to recruit Sophie without bimboing her up first, the Champion must have consensual sex with her five times without fighting her and also have a penis. A dream scene will play where the Hero is floating down a river idly masturbating to the thought of Sophie. At this point, the player wakes up to realize Sophie has snuck into camp and is riding them. The player is given the option to [Kiss Her] which ends with the option to recruit her under the Followers tab at camp. Choosing [Get Off] will lead to the player getting angry, claiming Sophie is overstepping her boundaries by thinking she can get sex from player whenever she wants. She apologizes and flies off back the mountains embarrassed, where the player can continue to encounter her with the standard three options.

Sophie can also be recruited as a follower after bimboing her. First Rathazul MUST be a follower; after he sees Sophie he'll mention the second day that he knows how to de-bimbo a person but he has forgotten. If the player talks to him the next day he'll say he's remembered; 5 Scholar's Tea should fix her up. Upon bringing him the tea, and paying his fee of 250 gems, he'll make a De-Bimbo Potion that will fix Sophie. After she drinks the potion she'll get angry at you and threaten to leave. If the PC apologizes or explains his/her reasons she'll be moved to the Follower's Tab.

If the player lets her leave after de-bimboing her, she will disappear from the game.

If the player has another bottle of Bimbo Liqueur in their inventory when they De-Bimbo Sophie, they get an option to make her a bimbo again.

Sophie's DaughtersEdit

These scenes and options appear regardless of whether Sophie is a follower or a slave.

At first, they can be watched (but not interacted with) by approaching their mother. Later they move out and build a rock pile with nests at the edge of the camp. Once her first daughter is old enough, Sophie will take her to you and suggest you have sex with her. If you tell her no, you will never actually interact with Sophie's daughters, they will just be mentioned in the camp description. If you agree to have incestuous sex with Sophie's daughters, they will be available under their mother's sex menu as soon as they are old enough. There are no limits to how many daughters Sophie can have but the breeding rate is relatively slow by Mareth standards so it will take some time for their numbers to grow.

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