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Level 13
Hit Points 350
Items Drop Sweet Gossamer
Tough Spider-Silk
A spider-girl is the female version of the spider-morph.

Found when exploring the Swamp. The Champion can attempt to talk to her to be offered sex.


Has a web attack that lowers speed by 25. Can silence the Champion with sticky webs. Can disarm them with sticky webs unless they are using the spiked gauntlets or hooked gauntlets, which are fastened securely. Loot:


  • Male Loss requires: lose by lust; penis
  • Female Loss requires: lose by lust; no penis
  • Fuck Ass requires: win; penis area less than 30
  • Fuck Pussy requires: win; penis
  • Scissor requires: win; vagina


If you try to talk to her, she sometimes agrees sometimes not (in which case you are taken directly to the combat scene). If she agrees to talk, she may or may not offer sex. If she does, you can accept or refuse. Regardless of how the talk progresses, you leave with a bunch of Sweet Gossamer.

If you have a penis and have sex with a female spider-morph you may encounter your offspring during later visits to the swamp.