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The male spider-morph is completely nude, save for his thigh-high stockings and forearm-length gloves, which upon closer inspection, appear to be actually be part of his body - his exoskeleton. His exposed skin is pale as the full moon, save for the dusk of his nipples and a patch of jet-black that spreads out over his groin, glossing the male’s foreskinned cock and dangling sack in glistening ebon. His ass is small but well-rounded, with a weighty spider-abdomen hanging from just above. The spider-man is currently eyeing you with a strange expression and his fangs bared.

Spider-morph sex optionsEdit

  • Fuck His Butt
  • Mount


This particular spider-woman is a drider - a creature with a humanoid top half and the lower body of a giant arachnid. From a quick glance, you can tell that this one has fallen deeply to corruption. She is utterly nude, exposing her four well-rounded, D-cup breasts with their shiny black nipples. Gold piercings and chains link the curvy tits together, crossing in front of her four mounds in an 'x' pattern. On her face and forehead, a quartet of lust-filled, yellow eyes gaze back at you. Behind her, the monster-girl’s red hair drapes down her back like a cloak. The drider’s lips seem to shine with a light all their own, and a steady trickle of purple, reflective fluid beads and drips from them. At her waist, there’s a juicy looking snatch with a large, highly visible clit. From time to time it pulsates and grows, turning part-way into a demon-dick. Her spider-half has eight spindly legs with black and red stripes - a menacing display if ever you’ve seen one.

Drider sex optionsEdit

  • Butt Fuck
  • Fuck Pussy
  • Fuck Spinner
  • Ride Cock
  • Ride Ovi
  • Ride Ovi Anal


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