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Spider-morph Score
TFs: Sweet Gossamer
Black Gossamer
If you have Add Comments
An additional pair of spider eyes 1
Spider fangs 1
Chitin covered arms 1
Spider chitin-covered legs 2
Spider abdomen 2
Drider legs -2 You will not be a spider-morph but a drider.
Some other kind of legs -2
Non-normal skin -2
Spider-morph is an anthropomorphic spider and one of the many sapient species of Mareth. The spider-morph is described in an official codex covering all three spider-kins found in Mareth.

Spider-morph NPCsEdit

  • Spider-girl — Found in the Swamp. Champion is given the option to either attack her, run away, or try to talk to her; if they choose to talk, there is a random chance she will be peaceful (although often horny) or hostile.
  • Spider-boy — Also found in the Swamp. Sometimes he attacks, sometimes he just wants to talk.
  • Mob of spider-morphs — A group of spider-morphs that attempt to attack Kiha.
  • Spider-morph children — If you have sex as a male with a female spider-morph, you may encounter your offspring at later visits to the Swamp. You can't interact with them, just watch them.

Becoming a Spider-morphEdit

To be classified as a spider-morph you need to have a spider score of 4 or more but not a drider lower body. The spider score takes precedence over most other transformative scores. The only scores with a higher priority are the goo score and the kangaroo score.

If you are male or genderless with small or flat breasts, you are described as a spider-morph, if not you're described as a spider-girl.

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