Spiked Gauntlets
General Information
Type Weapon
Usage Combat
Boosts Attack +5
Merchant Information
Buy Value 400
Sell Value 200
Locations Found
Bought From Tel'Adre

Content Author: Unknown

The Spiked Gauntlets are spiked gloves designed to stun an opponent. While weaker than most weapons, the chance of stunning an opponent and gaining free attacks makes them appealing.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This single metal gauntlet has the knuckles tipped with metal spikes. Though it lacks the damaging potential of other weapons, the sheer pain of its wounds has a chance of stunning your opponent.

Stats Edit

  • Base Attack: 5
  • Value: 400
  • Classification: Light, gloves, melee
  • Has a 10% chance of stunning an opponent.

Trivia Edit

  • The Spiked Gauntlets have a variant called the Hooked Gauntlets. They're stronger, but can only be obtained by beating Izma in a fight several times.
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