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The storyline, or main quest, consists of three dungeons:

Complete these three dungeons and the Champion wins. LOL Like it's that easy.


The Demon Factory begins when Marae asks the Champion to find it, there the production of the demonic fluids being pumped into the Lake must be stopped. She is found by the Boat. When found, the Demon Factory will be placed in the [Places] menu under the [Dungeon] option.

The corruption of the Hero has to be lower than 85 so Marae will speak to them about the storyline.


The Deep Cave will remain hidden until D1 has been completed and the Champion has spoken to Marae afterwards; they will then have a random chance of discovering it in the Deepwoods. When found, it will be placed in the [Places] menu under the [Dungeon] option.


Lethice's Stronghold is the final dungeon which can be found after D2 has been completed. From the Deep Cave, the Champion will receive a map that leads to the area where the castle resides. When found, the Stronghold will be placed in the [Places] menu under the [Dungeon] option.

Once Lethice is defeated, choices can be made that will lead to different endings. Afterwards, the Hero has the opportunity to ascend.

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