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The Succubus is a demon subspecies and one of the many sapient species of Mareth.

Succubus NPCsEdit

  • Cerulean Succubus - A towering, massively buxom blue succubus summoned as a result of drinking the Cerulean Potion
  • Collared human girl - She isn't human at all, but a succubus pretending to be.
  • One of the Griping Demons - An incubus /succubus duo who can be overheard talking about someone named Syrena at the Bizarre Bazaar.
  • Lucia - A succubus found traveling in the desert with her human lover, Marcus, with INHUMANLY MASSIVE testes. Described as having established a contract with Marcus, in which she is allowed to feed on his cum in exchange for obeying him. She wants Marcus to fully embrace corruption and become an incubus. After encountering the pair, she will gift the character Succubi's Delight while exploring the desert.
  • Secretarial Succubus - Found only in the Demon Factory .
  • Vapula - A succubus dominatrix, and the leader of the demons raiding Owca. A highly corrupt character who defeats her gang multiple times can disband them and claim her as their slave.

Becoming a SuccubusEdit

It is not possible to transform into a succubus without losing the game.

Bad End transformationEdit

In the Cerulean Fate Bad End you are transformed into a penis-equipped(!) succubus.

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