Author: Takenaka_Emika

Race: Succubus

Genders: Exclusively female.

Hair: Varies

Eyes: Varies

Height: Varies

Appearance: Succubi ALWAYS appear as attractive, and often slutty women, but they will modify the style of their dress to match what would be expected of a human woman in their current situation. In their true form they often have at least one pair of horns that grow larger and longer as they age. Some succubi have secondary and tertiary horn rows that curve back over their skull. Their skin is always flawless and their teeth white. In their true form their skin ranges from blue, to purple, to rarely midnight black.

Sexual Equipment: Succubi have what could be described as 'the perfect vagina'. While it appears to be tight, it has the ability to stretch far beyond what should be possible for such a small piece of flesh. This ensures that no matter how large or small the succubus partner, they are able to enter her and receive enough friction. The vaginal surface is highly malleable and succubi will often add textured rings or wriggling cilia to their internal walls in order to drive their victims to even greater heights of pleasure.

Reproduction: Succubi do not reproduce, instead they are created when a mortal woman, so drunk on desire and pleasure, that she loses care for anything but her ability to seek pleasure and beauty. The mother succubus will work her victim into a frenzy of desire, until the unsuspecting victim literally cums out her soul and fills the void inside her with corruption. It should be noted that succubi can do this to a male as well, creating an incubus.

Social Structure: Succubi and Incubi occupy the second lowest ranking of the demonic social structure, just above imps. The are prone to sloth when not 'hungry' and are typically never given more power than command over a few imps.

Special Attributes: Succubi Milk can be an extraordinarily powerful aphrodisiac when drank straight from the source. If it is stored, the aphrodisiacal properties rapidly diminish while its mutagenic properties rapidly rise. Some more powerful succubi are able to use their milk with black magic in order to work changes on their partners.

Feeding: Like most demons, Succubi gain power from corrupting others, and require a steady supply of sexual fluids to survive. In rare cases, if a Succubus has been deprived of 'food' for too long, she may find herself too weak to seduce a partner, and enter into an less than advantageous agreement in order to get her food. Amazingly, most succubi will hold themselves to such an agreement after 'eating' their fill.

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