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All things considered, you decide you wouldn’t mind a change of scenery. Gathering up your belongings, you begin a journey into the Wasteland. The journey begins in high spirits, and you whistle a little traveling tune to pass the time. After an hour of wandering, however, your wanderlust begins to whittle away. Another half-hour ticks by. Fed up with the fruitless exploration, you’re nearly about to head back to camp when a faint light flits across your vision. Startled, you whirl about to take in three luminous will-o'-the-wisps, swirling around each other whimsically. As you watch, the three ghostly lights begin to move off, and though the thought of a trap crosses your mind, you decide to follow.

Before long, you start to detect traces of change in the environment. The most immediate difference is the increasingly sweltering heat. A few minutes pass, then the will-o'-the-wisps plunge into the boundaries of a dark, murky, stagnant swamp; after a steadying breath you follow them into the bog. Once within, however, the gaseous balls float off in different directions, causing you to lose track of them. You sigh resignedly and retrace your steps, satisfied with your discovery. Further exploration can wait. For now, your camp is waiting.


The following creatures can be encountered in the swamp:

  • Bog - Discovered by exploring the swamp 25 times.
  • Corrupted Drider - corrupted beings with lower bodies resembling spiders, they attack the champion on sight.
  • Embers Egg
  • Female Spider-Morphs - spider-girls who may be hostile or not, although the champion can't tell which unless they try talk with the spider-girl.
  • Kiha - an arrogant and female dragon-morph who lays claim to part of the swamp.
  • Lizan Rogue
  • Male Spider-Morph - spider-boys who may either attack the champion, or offer to talk with them.
  • Ro'gar - A gay male orc who is quite interested in making love to male PCs but is willing to be just friends. 

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