Content Author: Riptide

Gender Herm
Species and Family
Species Demon with shark-morph and possibly also minotaur traits.
Breed Omnibus
The demon Syrena is an omnibus who does not currently appear in Corruption of Champions, but is referred to by other NPCs. Hopefully she will included later.


The Griping Demons in the Bizarre Bazaar refer to Syrena as their boss and from their conversations it can be gathered that Syrena is part-shark demon who is an overseer in the demons' research department. She is likely hermaphroditic, as she is referred to with feminine pronouns but references are also made to her having a penis. The griping succubus speculates that Syrena may be part minotaur, but whether this is accurate or not is unknown.

The griping demons regard Syrena as a harsh mistress, and as a sex-crazed monster even by the standards of other demons, focused more on her own pleasure than on her job and quick to abuse her various underlings. This includes raping her underlings whenever they displease her, punishing female/herm underlings by getting them massively pregnant, and testing her new concoctions on them — the first time she is mentioned by the griping demons, she is noted as having threatened one of her workers with being dropped into a "submission tank", while the succubus justifies her excessive libido by pointing out she was a test subject for some of Syrena's experimental compounds.

It's implied that she is mentally more shark than demon and that she may be on thin ice with Lethice, who is beginning to lose her patience with Syrena's tendency to turn good researchers into gibbering sluts.


  • The griping demons and Syrena were added to Corruption of Champions following a donation by an individual going by the username "Riptide". Whether this is the same individual as Riptideshark, a furaffinity user with an anthro shark character (variously depicted as female and herm) named Syrena, is unknown.
  • It is speculated that Syrena is a character intended to be included in the third of the game's story-key dungeons, because she is specifically noted as a donation request and the update that features her mentions there being "foreshadowing to some stuff in the final dungeon" occurring at the Bizarre Bazaar. The details on her are sketchy and prone to being changed.