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The Tailor shop sales the finest clothes available here in Ingnam.

Ingame Description:
You enter the tailor's. The interior is laden with mannequins wearing half-finished works. Clothes are displayed on racks without obvious flaws. A fastidious, well-groomed young man with an immaculate blue three-piece suit topped with a measuring tape draping around his collar stands behind the counter and smiles at you with deference.

"Welcome to my shop. Do you need to get outfitted?" he says pulling keenly at the measuring tape draping his shoulders.

Items for saleEdit

  • Comfortable clothes — 10 gems
  • Green adventurer’s outfit, complete with pointed cap — 75 gems
  • Classy suit-clothes — 100 gems
  • Snug tube top and VERY short shorts — 40 gems
  • White shirt and overalls — 30 gems
  • Modest robes — 75 gems
  • Leather pants and a white silk shirt — 200 gems
  • Revealing rubber fetish clothes — 500 gems
  • Semi-transparent, curve-hugging bodysuit — 650 gems
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