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Gender Genderless
Species and Family
Species God
Breed Trickster God
Body Parts
Build emaciated
Face lean, vulpine head
Arms unnaturally long and jointed limbs
Legs unnaturally long and jointed limbs
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts Flat-chested
Vagina No vagina
Taoth is the Trickster God of Mareth, known as the father and patron of the fox-morph race and possibly involved in the creation of the kitsune as well. Taoth is an ever-shifting, ever-scheming spirit who delights in mischief and chaos but not really evil. Taoth's favored incarnation is a sexless, emaciated humanoid with unnaturally long and jointed limbs but with a lean, vulpine head; Fenoxo has described him as resembling Slenderman with an anthropomorphic fox face.

Like most Gods and Goddesses, Taoth was supposed to have been hunted down and killed at the beginning of the war with the demons but at the opening of Urta's Fertility Quest it is discovered that he somehow managed to escape and possess the newborn Urta, within whose body he has been sleeping ever since — the side effect of this is that she became a hermaphrodite. At the end of the quest he is awoken and reincarnated through either Urta, Edryn or the Champion, gestating a new body for Taoth in their womb.

Gods & Goddesses
Akbal Carol Fera Marae Taoth
♣ Foreign Gods, or demons playing the part.