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Content Author: FoxxlingThe Black Cock is the corrupt counter to the bar in Tel'Adre, The Wet Bitch. You can get various dishes here, most being one TF or the other, and a couple sexible NPCs including a male, Andy, for those who love the male body.

Ingame Description:
You enter the tent to find much of what you'd expect: A bunch of wooden tables and a sectioned-off portion in the back where you presume the cooking happens. Next to the flap leading into the kitchen there is a big "keep out" sign stuck into the ground through the tent's bottom. The interior is lit by what looks like round globes on each table, each of which is filled with a thick creamy liquid that emits a pale glow.

Mission statementEdit

To add a new food joint to CoC's Bizarre Bazaar. Complete with three fully sexible NPCs and three new TF items. The couple, Harry and Anita Roswell, are to be as close to American country folks as possible. Andy Mathis is to be a little fuckable guy with a large cock and a hungry ass. This submission is to be lewd, comical and full of fun and unique sex scenes.



Ingame Description:
There is also a large marquee-style tent made with black canvas. Smoke rises from a metal pipe sticking out of a hole in the top. You see a wooden sign next to the front flap depicting a small black rooster; beneath its yellow feet the words "The Black Cock" are etched into the old sign. The smell of greasy food and sweets waft out of the open entrance.

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