The Slippery Squeeze is a massage parlor that is present in the Bizarre Bazaar, a trading center and meeting grounds for the more corrupt residents of Mareth. The caravan in which the parlor resides is one of the largest contraptions in the bazaar, and with the Champion's first step inside they can easily see why. It's built like a regular business, with a lobby in the front and numerous oak doors that lead to back rooms. The walls are painted a soothing salmon color and a purple-colored, fringed rug covers the wood floor. It feels soft under the Hero's feet after so much walking, letting them loosen up and relax. Incense burns on the counter, filling the air with strange, fragrant aromas that tickle at the nose.

The Slippery Squeeze is run by a pair of masseurs; Joey and Sara. However, only Joey has been written up so far, and Sara is not yet available; from a in-universe perspective, this is excused as Sara throwing a tantrum and refusing to see any customers until Joey gives her a raise.

As a business run by and for the corrupt, The Slippery Squeeze is not your average parlor; it specializes in erotic massages, and favors the usage of cum as massage oil.

From the second visit onwards, Joey offers a special treatment that androgynifies the Champion; this gives them an Event Perk which allows them to ignore the usual gender limitations placed on masculinity and femininity — so a male character can have a 100% female face, and vice versa.

There is also a random encounter where Joey will have messed with his potions and caused his balls to fill faster than the cum can leak out, and will desperately ask the Champion to help him get the cum out. They will be presented with two options; to suck the cum out, or to have him masturbate. If they choose to suck it out, they'll blow him and squeeze his balls until the cum slows down to a 'regular pace', then they'll tease him by making the rest of his cum squirt up into his face. Afterwards, Joey theorizes that the demons messed with his potions, which they mentally agree that it's pretty likely.

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