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Tiger Assault happens between 19:00 and 20:00 once every 4 encounters and only if the champion is male.

It can occur either when traveling to the Bizarre Bazaar or when leaving any store while browsing the Bazaar.

The Champion wanders down a dark alley and runs into a large figure with a gruff voice. He tells the Champion that it's not safe to wander the bazaar alone at night and offers to walk the Hero after he gets some cash from his tent. He starts pulling the Champion towards the tent, but he senses something wrong. The Champion has three choices: Escape, Wait, or Assault.

If the Champion chooses Escape, he will succeed and run away before the tiger can catch up to him.

If the Champion chooses Wait, the cloaked figure thrusts the Hero into the tent on top of a poker game as "payment". He is revealed to be a tiger-morph, and is playing poker with a bear-morph, an orc, and a satyr. The Champion is force-fed a lust draft and soon enter into a sex scene with the satyr, as the bear-morph and the tiger-morph fight over the Hero's mouth. He is given three choices: Suck Tiger, Suck Bear, or Suck None. If he chooses Tiger or Bear, he will start to suck that cock while giving a handjob to the one he didn't choose. If he chooses neither, he starts giving a handjob to both of them. Once the satyr finishes in the Champion, the orc (named Zug) is next. After Zug, whichever cock the Hero chose earlier has their turn in his ass while he blows the one he didn't choose. If he chose neither, Zug has sex with him a second time as he takes both the tiger and the bear in his mouth. The Champion passes out as the person cums in his ass. The scene ends with him waking up the next morning, missing a few gems and with either a lust draft (if he chose Suck Tiger or Suck Bear) or a Bimbo Liqueur (if you chose Suck None) left for him by the person last in his ass. The Hero returns to camp at 7:00 next morning.

If the Champion choose Assault, his results depend on his strength. The tiger-morph can be pinned when the Hero has least 68 Str. If pinned, he is given an options menu on what to do to him, including the option Leave. With a corruption of 70 or above, the Champion can choose to anally rape the tiger-morph.

Ingame descriptionsEdit

Opening sceneEdit

While wandering the bazaar at night you feel an unease growing in your stomach. As you walk your dimly lit path, you pause and notice a rather dark pathway that you haven't seen before. Curiosity sparks in your wandering mind and you can't help but wonder how long it has been here and where it leads. Should you wander down this dark path despite the thoughts bubbling in your head that it's a bad idea?

Dismissing that nagging feeling in the back of your mind, you head down the unlit path toward adventures unknown. You comfort yourself with the prospects of adventure and the excitement of exploration. Your ever-optimistic mind is lost in wonder when a flap of a large tent to your side suddenly bursts open. "Fine! I'm goin', I'm goin'! Put a fuckin' cock in it!"

You turn your head to find the source of the gruff, yelling voice and find a large figure storming from the tent. As you squint in the darkness to make out the figure, you think you see them fumble with the pockets of their pants. You realize the figure has noticed you when two glowing, green eyes lock onto you. "Why, hello there..." The guttural voice utters slowly. They draw closer, and soon the only sound in the alley that you can focus on is your heartbeat and the figure's shuffling footsteps over the dirty trail. Your heart pounds as your mind races to figure out what to do. In this isolated, dark pathway you can't help but feel the figure is going to try and take advantage of you. Your back presses to the cold trunk of the adjacent tree as the figure drunkenly swaggers toward you.

The figure finally comes before you. Now that you're closer you can make him out better. "What you doin' here?" The large feline asks, a growl to his voice that leaves you wondering if he's annoyed or upset. You do your best to calm yourself down and explain how you were just exploring the bazaar. To match the glowing eyes, a glinting grin of jagged teeth forms between the figure's black lips. "I was just headin' there myself. We should go together. It's not safe to wander around at night, even for a big guy like me." A raspy snicker follows as a strong grip wraps around your shoulder. "Let me just get some more cash and I'll treat ya." The feline purrs a generous offer as you feel him pulling you towards the tent he just exited from. Your eyes peer around as the feline starts to drag you. No one is around to help you. The trail is completely vacant. An uneasy feeling quickly grows in the pit of your stomach. Something is wrong.


You tear yourself away from the feline. Wide, surprised eyes stare at you as you make a break for it. You run as quickly as your legs can carry you, the echoes of the feline's feet padding behind you urging you to run faster. You flee through the trees mindlessly, darting down whatever path you see first. In your panic, though, you quickly wear yourself out. How far did you run? Where are you now? You lean against a trunk and pant for breath. Thankfully no one seems to be around, including your pursuer. You pat yourself off as you notice the bright lights of the bazaar nearby and retreat back to the well-lit collection of tents.


Uncertainty plagues you as you wait to see what happens. The large feline reaches the entrance of the large tent. His free hand grips the tent and, as you let out a loud yelp, you are shoved forcefully through.

The synopsis of what follows is at the top of this page.

Assault - high strengthEdit

You huff your breath as the weaker figure tries to force you to cooperate. You shake your head before quickly overpowering the figure. Your strong grip clenches him around the wrists, his fur soft under your fingers. With a sharp grunt you bend them over and push their face into the dirt. The feline snarls and attempts to yank his arms from your grasp as you hold both wrists in one hand. You lean down to look him over, the light peeking through the nearby tent to reveal his orange fur with black stripes. You have a large, burly tiger man pinned under you. What do you do with him?


You shove the large tiger man across the dirt. His annoyed growls are muffled by the dirt his face is sliding across. You issue a warning about picking fights with those stronger than he is and leave him lying in the dirt, his pride battered and bruised. The dirt under your heel grinds in the darkness as you turn and casually continue down the path until you find yourself back in the bazaar.


With a corruption of 70 or above, the player can choose to anally rape the tiger-morph upon assaulting him.


Female will not get the Tiger Assault event but will encounter Lilium instead. In the mod, herms can get the scene as long as the player has flat breasts (needs further testing).