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The tigershark-morph is an anthropomorphic shark and one of the many sapient species of Mareth. Since most tigershark-morphs are female-looking hermaphrodites, the race is usually referred to as Tigershark-girl. The tigershark-morph is described Shark-kin (Codex).

Tigershark-Morph NPCsEdit

  • Izma — A hermaphroditic tigershark-girl who can be found by the Lake after Champion has encountered and defeated at least one shark-girl. If Champion proves they are truly stronger than her, she will declare herself their "beta" and move into the Camp with them.
    • Izma's children — There can be quite a lot of them eventually.

Becoming a Tigershark-morphEdit

It is not possible to be classified as a tigershark-morph and stay in the game. That is, you can transform into a regular shark-morph and add all characteristics unique to the tigershark variant. But even if you do, your appearance description will still call you a "shark-morph".

Bad End transformationEdit

In the Alpha Izma Bad End you are enslaved by Izma and transformed into a tigershark-morph.

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