Ton o' TriceEdit

Ton o' Trice is a transformative that turns the PC into a Cockatrice.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

A ton o' trice

It´s a small bottle of thick turquoise liquid labelled "Ton o' Trice". The Label shows an avian creature with a thick reptilian tail and bright coloured plumage playfully flying around the text.

Type: Consumable

Base Value: 6

Selling Price: 3

Obtaining ItEdit

Dropped from cockatrices in the High Mountain.

Rathazul will learn the recipe after you have used his services enough times. It can be found under the Alchemy tab and requires 1 Reptilum, 1 Golden Seed, and 100 gems.

Drinking ItEdit

You drink the slimy concoction, grimacing as it reaches your tongue. At first you're shocked you don't gag but once you taste the mixture you realise it's not so bad, almost having a hint of almond behind that thick texture.



  • Increases Libido
  • Increases Lust
  • Decreases Toughness
  • Increases Speed
  • Heals the PC by 50 points


  • Stops lactation (removes the Feeder perk)
  • Increases muscle tone
  • Decreases weight
  • Narrows hips
  • Decreases butt size
  • Increases vaginal capacity
  • Cockatrice legs (three-toed feet and feathery legs)
  • Cockatrice tail (scaled tail with feathers at the base)
  • Cockatrice arms (feathery arms and elbows, scaly lower arm and talons)
  • Cockatrice face (yellow beak with rubbery lips and a feathery face)
  • Cockatrice ears (ear holes surrounded by feathers)