Tough Silk
General Information
Type Miscellaneous
Usage Make wearables
Merchant Information
Buy Value 12
Sell Value 3
Locations Found
Bought From Benoit
Drop From Spider-girl
Corrupted Drider

Content Author: Unknown

Tough Silk, also known as Tough Spider Silk, is one of a few silks from a Spider-morph. The champion can take 5 pieces of it to Rathazul to make armor or robes, or 2 pieces to make undergarments.

Tough Silk, when examined
You look over the tough webbing, confusion evident in your expression. There’s really nothing practical you can do with these yourself. It might be best to find someone more familiar with the odd materials in this land to see if they can make sense of it.

In-Game Information Edit

Description Edit

This bundle of fibrous silk is incredibly tough and strong, though somehow not sticky in the slightest. You have no idea how to work these tough little strands into anything usable. Perhaps one of this land's natives might have an idea?

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Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous items do not fit in any major category, but are of too few numbers to qualify for their own. They have ranging purposes and no common trait besides not fitting anywhere else.

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