The Great Tower of Tel'Adre is located right in the centre of the city and it is where the Mages of the Covenant (aka the Council of Tel'Adre) reside. It is well guarded and, for the most part, unavailable to the general public but there are some exceptions.


The library in the Tower is not exactly open but not completely closed either. If the Champion tries to enter the Tower while visiting the city, the guard will tell them the tower is unavailable to the public and redirect them to a side door leading to the public library where Quinn, the covenant's self-appointed librarian, tells you it is closed for restoration.

Spoiler: If the Champion goes there in the evening after Quinn has left, the Hero can read some books and possibly learn something useful.

Urta's Fertility QuestEdit

At the beginning of Urta's Fertility Quest, she seeks advice from Gul, one of the mages.

Asa MaliEdit

If the Champion has the Inscribed Spellblade with them, either as their weapon or in their inventory, you can ask Quinn to take you to Asa Mali. Afterwards, they can visit Mali whenever they like but at the moment there is no more actual content in this story thread.

If the Champion has the spellblade in their inventory, Mali will gratefully receive the spellblade as a piece of evidence for her investigation of Dominika. If they carry it as their weapon, she won't notice it but ask them for their help to find some sort of object enhanced by Dominika. She keeps asking you every time you visit until you come to her with the blade in your inventory.


  • It is always Quinn who takes the Champion to Mali, even if they visit at a time when he is supposed to have left the library!

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