After becoming friends with Helia, a night-time event will proceed once her affection reaches 70 when she appears in the Champion's camp. She approaches the Hero and asks for help with a den of harpies that have been breeding half-salamander hybrids known as Phoenixes. Upon agreeing to help, Helia will temporarily join the Champion's camp as a Lover. Approaching her then will cause her to ask whether they are ready to tackle the Tower of the Phoenix.

Helia will lead the Champion to the Harpies' den in the High Mountain, and tell them that they will take a two-pronged approach to the area; Helia will climb to the top, while the Hero is tasked with going through the main entrance.

Upon entering, the Champion will be faced with a door to the north, a trap door that contains 5 God's Meads, and note a suit of armor that seems wearable. If the Hero chooses the armor, they will encounter a blue goo-girl named Ser Valeria, who will attack the Champion. If they defeat her, she will quickly apologize and offer to join them, becoming a wearable suit of armor and Follower.

If the Champion goes through the northern door, they will be attacked by a group of harpies. After the battle, a lone fiery-red harpy named Kiri will reveal that she had spiked the harpies' drinks, but the Hero arrived before they had an opportunity to consume them. Kiri informs them that she is friends with Helia and that she was the one who told Helia of the dungeon and the harpies. Afterward, the Champion can proposition her for sex, talk to her for information or traverse a set of stairs to the second floor or another set to the dungeon. If the Hero talks to Kiri about the salamander prisoner, she will reveal that the prisoner is named Hakon and is in fact Helia's father. She will also reveal that the only way to free him is to get two keys, one for the shackles on Hakon's arms, and another for the shackles on his legs. The Harpy Queen possesses one key while Brigid, the Harpy Jailer, has the other.

If the Champion travels to the dungeon, they will be challenged by Brigid. Defeating her will grant them access to the salamander prisoner Hakon, and some equipment (a succubi whip, bondage straps, and a lust dagger). If the Hero speaks with Hakon at this point, he will be informed that they are here to rescue him with Helia, upon which he will demand the Champion find her and escape.

If the Champion chooses to go upstairs from where they meet Kiri, they will reach the second floor and encounter a mob of Phoenixes. After fighting this mob, Hero can return to Kiri downstairs; however, after defeating the Harpy Queen, Kiri will be gone.

Defeating them will open a path to the third floor, where the Champion will meet up with Helia and encounter the Harpy Queen. The Harpy Queen is a sorceress on top of being a strong physical fighter. Defeat her, and Helia will pin her to the ground, whereupon the Hero will have the option to fuck her if sufficiently aroused, interrogate her, kill her, or let her go. They can also speak with Helia and can tell her about Hakon if they have spoken to him earlier.

Interrogating the Queen will have her reveal that she created the Phoenix breed because of the looming threat of the demons, and will accuse the Champion of being a demon-lover for stopping her. The option of letting the Queen go free can proceed to different scenes depending on whether Helia knows if Hakon is her father. If she does not, she will begrudgingly let the Harpy Queen go free and ask the Hero to free Hakon from the dungeon. If Helia does know of Hakon's true identity, she will kill the Queen herself just before she can fly away. At this point, the Champion can either forgive her for her act of vengeance or berate her for it. Killing her or letting her go, whether or not she dies by Hel's hand, will allow the Champion to obtain the queen's Eldritch Staff. Return to the dungeon and speak with Hakon again, and he will reunite with Helia and Kiri. The group will then leave the den.

Hints and tipsEdit

Individually the opponents at the Tower of the Phoenix are among the strongest — possibly the strongest — in the game. The quest may be unlocked quite early but shouldn't be attempted until the Champion has reached at least level 15 or so and have spent their perk points on perks relevant to their fighting style. It is also important their main fighting stats (strength for heavy fighters, speed for light/medium fighters, intelligence for spell fighters and toughness for everybody) is at or close to 100.

The main problem, however, is that unlike in the other quests the Champion can't return to camp to recover and resupply between the fights. Once in the tower they're committed and they either win or meet a Bad End. They have the opportunity to recover between fights but since they can neither get a proper rest nor resupply, they can only use the resources they've brought with them in their inventory and what they find in the tower:

Hit Points
  • Even the strongest and best protected Champion will lose considerable amounts of hit points during each and every fight. There is no way to last even two fights without recovering HP between. There are several HP recovery items found in the tower but they may not be enough so it's a good idea to bring some. God's Mead is by far the best option but if that isn't available, stack up with weaker items like fish fillets or pure peaches may do. When Valaria's being worn, she not only provides considerable defense but a good Regen effect as well. If the Champion already has Regen and Regen 2, the combined regeneration and defense provided is high enough that it should become possible to complete the entire tower without any more healing items than the God's Mead found in the cellar.
  • None of the opponents at the tower deals much lust damage and Kiri is able to relieve the Champion between fights.
  • If Hero's fighting strategy is based on spells or special attacks rather than regular attacks, they will run out of fatigue points. Bringing a couple of bottles of milk (preferably sheep milk but any milk will do) to drink between battles, solves that problem.
  • The Goo Armor can silence her opponent, leaving them unable to casts spells for several rounds during the fight. If the Champion isn't confident they can deal 70+ points of physical damage consistently, it is a very good idea to bring along a few Wingsticks to keep the pressure up during the rounds they're unable to cast spells.

With 5-10 storage slots (five is the upper limit for original CoC) the Champion can bring with them a mixture of bottles of milk, horns of God's Mead or fish fillets or peaches, and wingsticks. All of these items are cheap (although some can be hard to find) and between them they are more than enough to meet any requirements during the quest, except for one: Do you actually have the strength and skills to fight level 20 opponents?


Regular Encounters Edit

  • Brigid - Brigid the Jailor is level 19 and has the ability to restrain her opponent.
  • Goo Armor is level 16 and has the ability to restrain her opponent. She can also silence her opponent, making it impossible to cast spells.
  • Hakon
  • Harpy Horde - The Harpy Horde is level 18.
  • Harpy Queen - The Harpy Queen is level 20 and has the ability to restrain her opponent.
  • Helia
  • Kiri
  • Mezzanine - level 20.
  • Phoenix Platoon
  • Salamander

Items Edit

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