Trap oil is a transformative item dropped by Sand Traps, which can be found in the Desert. It is one of the few transformatives that allows the PC to grow wings and can grant the Androgyny Perk

Effects Edit

Stat Changes Edit

  • Increases Libido
  • Decreases Strength
  • Increases Sensitivity
  • Increases Speed
  • Increases anal capacity
  • Increases masculinity (if PC has a feminine face)
  • Increases femininity (if PC has a masculine face)
  • Decreases base fertility rating

Transformations Edit

  • Turns nipples black
  • Turns eyes completely black (if the PC has human eyes)
  • Turns vagina black (if PC has a vagina)
  • Decreases penis size (if PC has any penises)
  • Decreases breast size (if breasts are bigger than A-cups)
  • Dragonfly wings