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A bipedal humanoid horse with unmistakable human features walks over to greet you. She’s huge, easily seven feet tall, certainly far bigger than the half-horse who brought you here, with full, round breasts and wide womanly hips clearly delineated by the strange dress that she wears, a rich blue with a pattern of white snowflakes on it. She looks down at you with a soft expression; her features are maternal and friendly, but there’s a playful twinkle in her eye that makes her look younger than she really is. For all that, she’s clearly a mature woman but still strong and attractive. Black hair, starting to go gray at the tips, is worn in a long, elegant braid, the end knotted around an elaborate butterfly hairpin. While her fur is a beautiful shade of chestnut brown, her large eyes are a deep brown, almost black. She casually flicks an equine ear in a manner that invites you to try her services.

Gender Female
Orientation Lesbian
Species and Family
Species Horse-morph
Body Parts
Height Seven feet
Build Humanoid
Face Human
Eyes Deep brown
Ears Equine
Torso Human female
Taur? Bipedal female horse
Legs Bipedal
Hair graying long black hair in a braid
Fur Chestnut brown
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts Full
Clothing Rich blue dress with white snowflakes
Jewelry Butterfly hairpin
Locations and More
Occupation Acupuncturist and Masseuse
Location(s) The clinic at Tel'Adre
Interaction Talk




Actions Edit

  • Massage
    • Applies a temporary buff in one stat at the cost of a temporary debuff in another.
  • Acupuncture
    • Applies a permanent buff in one stat at the cost of a permanent debuff in another. All changes are reversible.
  • Sex
    • Uma is primarily interested in women and traps, and will not care about the presence of a penis as long as the Champion's features are feminine.

Requirements Edit

  • Meeting Uma requires the Champion to first meet Loppe, then speaking to her about her mother (Uma) and asking to meet her. Afterwards, Uma will be available at the Clinic.