If the player finished Urta's Fertility Quest it will be possible for Urta to have children. Urta can be impregnated by a PC with a penis and can impregnate a PC with a fertile vagina. The children will always be gray-furred fox-morphs like their mother. There are three possible genders the children can have that seem to be randomly selected, male, female, and herm. Urta has unique dialogue if the player gives birth to a herm, and when describing the children it will say Urta dotes on the herm more than the rest. This is due to Urta's father being abusive towards her for being a herm and kicking her out of the house. Urta resolves to treat her herm children in a loving way because of the pain she felt when she was mistreated for her mutation.

Interaction Edit

The player cannot directly interact with the children, instead they can choose to visit them by going to Urta's House. After Urta has her first child you can talk to her in the bar and choose the "Visit Kids" option which will unlock her house under the "Homes" section in Tel'Adre.

Every time you visit the house Urta's maid Lianna will be there. If you choose the "Kids" option when speaking with Lianna a random event will occur dictating what she'll say. If she asks for help bathing the children accepting will play a bath scene. During the scene the player will take note of how many children there are and all of their genders.

If she offers the PC to join her for lunch a scene will play in which Urta will accidentally give the player food poisoning causing them to pass out. After that the lunch scene just mentions that her food isn't very good.

In another scene you can take the children out for ice cream and they'll call the PC the best mom or dad every depending on their gender.

If Urta or the PC are pregnant Urta will announce to her children that they're getting a new sibling. Most of the time this results in the children being pleased by the prospect of a new brother or sister. However If you have a lot of children then they will make fun of the player and Urta for their libido, much to Urta's chagrin.