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Urta's Fertility Quest differs from other mini-quests in that instead of the Champion being the protagonist, you take the role of Urta, the hermaphroditic, fox-morph Guard Captain of Tel'Adre. This means you may have to adjust your regular fighting style to fit a completely different set of skills and limitations. Apart from the optional sex scenes at the beginning, the quest is linear, going from one stage to the next with no variation.



The quest can only start after Urta has become your lover. If you ask her about her infertility, the talk will also touch upon her strange resistance to transformations and the possibility that the two oddities are related. With you encouragement, she agrees to go to Tower of Tel'Adre to ask on of the city's mages for advice.

At this point you become Urta; the Champion becomes a background character who makes one (optional) cameo appearance early on in the quest.

At the Council you are taken to Gul, the same Diviner who examined your unusual condition when you were born. He agrees to give you a new examination and discovers that the cause of your problems is that you were possessed at birth by Taoth, the Trickster God. Presumed to have been killed by the demons, he had somehow managed to escape and enter you at your birth, and he has been asleep inside you ever since. To free yourself, you first have to wake him, there, you must go to the shrine where he was supposed to have been killed. Before you leave, Gul gives you a pendant, the last remaining regalia of a Taoth priestess, that will lead you to the shrine. He advises you to hurry and go on your adventure with no delays.

Sexy interludesEdit

After conferring with Gul you are left with four choices: go out for a drink, seek out your lover (the Champion) without telling the truth, seek out your lover telling them the truth, or go straight onto the quest. Despite Gul's advice, there is no real urgency. Choosing one of the other options will lead to one ore more potentially sexy interludes but not affect the outcome of the quest.

Go for a drinkEdit

If you decide to have a drink first, you go to The Wet Bitch where you meet Miko, Mai and Helia. You can choose to have a foursome with them or leave for your quest right away.

Meet your loverEdit

If you decide to meet your lover, you have a talk with them and possibly some sex before you leave for your quest. You can also choose to simply cuddle your lover, focusing on love rather than lust before you leave.

The journeyEdit

Once on your journey you will encounter five enemies who all want to enslave you for various reasons:

All are unique to the quest and slightly different from the opponents met elsewhere in the game. They are relatively easy to beat if handled the right way, nearly impossible if not. Without giving any spoilers, there are two tips to keep in mind:

  • Remember that you are Urta, not the Champion. You need to find a fighting style that makes the best of her skills.
  • Throughout the quest there will be no time for rest between the fights. That means it's not enough to defeat an opponent, you also have to get out of the battle with good enough stats to deal with the next one right away.

Urta's fighting skillsEdit

Urta has Strength 75, Toughness 80, Speed 90, Intelligence 55, Libido 70, Sensitivity 50 and Corruption 30. She has 435 hit-points and a minimum lust of 30. She is equipped with a halberd (attack 22) and leather armor segments (defense 17). Regular attacks typically deals 80-90 points of damage to the opponent. Critical hits are fairly common but not common enough to be relied upon. Her teasing capacity is fairly high and she can cause approximately 10 points of tease damage per round.

She has a number of special attacks:

  • Combo allows her to strike three times with the same force as a single regular attack. It costs 24.5 fatigue points, and there is a good chance that her opponent will block one, two or even all three attacks unless they are blind.
  • Vault is an attempt to slam the halberd into a foe whilst leaping into the air. It costs 20 fatigue points and tend to deal slightly less damage than a regular attack. It is a very reliable attack though and works even when Urta is blinded and unable to get through with regular attacks. It will automatically score a critical hit against a stunned opponent.
  • Sidewinder is described as "a wide swing to the side" and has the advantage of both dealing damage and stunning the opponent for two rounds. It costs 10 fatigue points and can deal damage up to 45 points.
  • Dirt Kick allows her to blind the opponent by kicking dirt into his/her face. It costs 5 fatigue points and doesn't always succeed. When it works, the opponent remains blinded for the next two rounds.
  • Metabolize restores fatigue points at the cost of health. Reduces health points by 49 and fatigue points by 20.
  • Second Wind significantly improves health and reduces lust and fatigue. It is an extremely efficient trick but can only be used once during a fight and shouldn't be wasted too early. If Urta hasn't already needed it when the battle draws to an end, it may be a good idea to use second wind to regain as much health and fatigue as possible before the next fight.
  • Berserk seems to be identical to the Champion's Berserker perk. (Increases attack and lust resistance but reduces physical defenses.)

Tentacle InterludeEdit

After beating the Gnoll Alpha, you get a night's sleep. You can sleep with or without your armor, and you will be attacked by a tentacle beast. He will rape you if you're sleeping without your armor, but give up if you are dressed in a humorous way.

The tentacles wave about wildly, and the shambling mound begins to retreat. "Fuck this!" it shouts, "I just wanted a snack!".

If he rapes Urta, she can allow the tentacle beast to use his "Big Orange Tentacle" which will permanently increase Urta's vaginal capacity to 500. Regardless of the choices made, the tentacle episode is nothing but an interlude with no effect on the outcome of the quest.

The FinaleEdit

If Urta beats all her opponents, she reaches the shrine where she awakens Taoth. He will agree to leave Urta's body but to do so he'll need a body of his own. Urta agrees to be the parent of his next reincarnation but she also needs to find a second parent too. She seeks out Urta's lover for help.

At this point, the Champion is back ...

... and then the Champion is visited at camp by a frantic, and desperately horny, Urta. After talking to her, the Hero ends up with one, two or three options depending on their gender:

  • Knock Urta — Urta becomes the mother, the Champion the father (requires a penis).
  • Knock Edryn — Edryn becomes the mother, Urta the father.
  • Knock the Champion — Champion becomes the mother, Urta the father (requires a vagina).
    Note: Champion can choose this option even if pregnant, which means that they will be pregnant both with the child / litter / eggs already pregnant with, and Taoth.

Regardless of who is chosen as the mother, the pregnancy advances fast — there's barely enough time to get her to the Tel'Adre Covenant before Taoth is reborn. After the birth, the mother's vagina immediately reverts to how it was before, leaving her with no traces of the pregnancy.

Once reborn, Taoth quickly grows to full maturity, fulfills his promise to restore Urta's fertility and leaves, warning everybody that he may not be as nice and kind if they ever meet him again.

Bad EndsEdit

Losing to any of the enemies will lead to a Bad End, bad end for Urta that is, she's permanently removed from the game. The Champion, on the other hand, is taken back to the camp with a rather laconic "Meanwhile back at the camp."

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Do not read beyond if you want to solve the fertility quest by yourself!

Spoiler: Four of Urta's five opponents can be easily beaten just by teasing.

  • The goblin broodmother requires four rounds of successful teases (not counting "goblin broodmother seems unimpressed"). Use the Second Wind special attack right before the last Tease to recover as much combat stats as possible before the next fight.

    Urta can also beat the goblin broodmother with regular attacks. Normally that takes four successful attacks but there is always a chance that she gets in a critical hit which means the fight might end before Urta can use Second Wind. Also, if Urta chooses physical attack she's likely to loose more hit-points than choosing to tease.

    Do not try to combine tease attacks with regular attacks, choose one of them and stick to it!

  • Sirius can not be teased, being too focused on the fight to even notice. The best tactic seems to go into Berzerker mode (found under the "M Specials" button), try to stun him with a Sidewinder kick or two and then pummel him with Combo attacks.

    If/when Urta runs out of fatigue points, she can use Second Wind to recover or switch to regular attacks. If she hasn't used Second Wind earlier in the fight, Urta should use it as the fight draws to an end to recover as much as possible before fighting the alpha gnoll.

  • The alpha gnoll can be beaten the same way as the goblin broodmother. She has much tougher defenses though and it takes eight successful attacks to beat her. If Urta's HP is low at the start of the fight, she should keep a watch and be prepared to use Second Wind earlier than normal.

  • The outcome of the tentacle beast event doesn't affect the fights.

  • Unless you're seriously beaten up after the alpha gnoll fight, your combat stats should be at max when you meet Fido. He can be beaten physically but it's extremely hard, as he can heal physical damage, and will probably leave you too weak to win the next fight.

    The only safe way to beat him is by teasing. It takes six successful tease attacks to win.

    You should remember to use Second Wind after the fifth — if you don't, you're likely to get into serious problems during the next fight.

  • Fido's Mistress is even harder to beat physically than Fido, but she too is quite vulnerable to tease attack and succumbs after eight of them. She can also heal herself during the fight, but doing so raises both her and your lust. Any lust damage you deal to her will heal her physical damage.

    Keep a close watch on your lust level and use Second Wind when it gets uncomfortably high. There's no need to worry what happens after the fight - all you need to think of is how to beat her.

  • After each fight you can choose to have sex with your opponent. It won't influence the outcome of the quest. The only exception is if you have a high (about forty or higher) Lust level after beating Fido. If you do, it's a good idea to rape him to let out some steam before you face his Mistress.

  • Usually, your Lust level jumps to 100 once you've beaten Fido's Mistress. Raping her does not reduce lust. As long as you've won the fight, you can go on regardless of how bad your combat stats may be.