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Urta buys her house after her Fertility Quest.

Ingame Description:
You easily follow the streets to Urta's new home, and are soon standing in front of the door. Fishing out the key, you unlock the door and then show yourself inside. Inside, Urta's house is quite roomy, if a little bland; the colors are plain and neutral, and there's not over-much in the way of furniture; you have a feeling Urta focused on just buying what was needed for the house and left her old stuff back at her apartment. Still, there's enough knickknacks and signs of life around to give it a comfy, cozy feel.

Looking around, you can easily see a living room, a kitchen and several rooms, at least one of which you figure must be a nursery for your children. One door leads out to the back courtyard, while another looks like it closes off stairs leading down to a basement.

You announce to your 12 kids that you and Urta have something important to tell them.

Your brood let out a chorus of amused giggles, while the biggest of their number sighs and folds their arms, shaking their head at you. “We’re going to get another brother or sister, aren’t we?” they ask.

“Uh, yes, that’s right,” Urta replies, looking kind of sheepish. More laughs from your kids, even as the spokesfox sighs again. “When will you two learn? There’s a little thing called a condom - you should try using it. After all, we know you have them,” they declare, showing what is unmistakably one of Urta’s personal brand.

Urta all but blushes crimson in embarrassment. “Give that here - you’re too young to be playing with those!” she commands, lunging at the young fox-morph... who promptly skips away with a laugh, then runs for it, their siblings laughing as Urta gives quick chase, leaving you shaking your head at the strange family you’ve put together.

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