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A group of roughly a dozen cat-morphs - males, females, and at least one herm - who live on the streets of Tel'Adre as vagrants. A player encounters them when they come after Scylla in hopes of kidnapping her and feeding on her milk; it is left vague as to whether they are "merely" addicted to milk in an almost drug-like fashion, or simply starving and desperate for the seemingly inexhaustible supply of milk that the cursed nun can provide.

Encounter Edit

  • When the player encounters them, they first do so by sensing the cats' presence as they come up to mug them; they are given the option to either wait, or to duck the incoming blow.
  • If they duck, then they promptly scare the cats away with a series of bluffs and threats, much to Scylla's disapproval.
  • If they wait, then they are struck on the head and knocked out. If the player does not lactate, then they are left where they fall; the player promptly regains consciousness and goes after the cats. If they do lactate, then there is a 50% chance the cats will not notice (which plays out as per the player not lactating at all) and a 50% chance that the cats will notice, whereupon they will drag the player along.
  • If the player chases the cats down, they discover them milling around, mustering the courage to drink the milk spilling from Scylla's lipples. The player is given the option to either yell for help, rape one of the cats or, if they are a herm (female characters cannot encounter these characters, as they are not able to interact with Scylla), submit to the cats and allow themselves to be raped.
  • A player who is dragged along for their own milk regains consciousness to find the cats are circling them as well, still mustering the courage. They can either cry out for the City Watch, or just wait and see what happens.
  • If the player yells for the watch, then they rapidly appear and subdue the cats; the guardswoman in charge, a nameless Collie-morph, asks the player for what the deal is; she eagerly asks if they are more "milk freaks", anxious to be rid of them, and then grimly asks if maybe this is a mistake and it's "just" a bondage situation gone wrong. The player can either tell the truth, which sees the cats lead away to be punished and displeases Scylla, or they can lie, which lets the cats go and pleases Scylla, but costs the player gems.
  • If the player waits when abducted for milk, the cats drink their fill from the player and Scylla both and then let them both go, giving them a few gems for their trouble before slinking off.
  • If the player chooses to try and rape one of the muggers, they spot a lone ebony-furred cat hanging away from the others, even as they begin pressing in to suckle from Scylla. The reason for her shyness becomes apparent when it is revealed that she is not only a herm, but one who has experienced some out of species transformation; her eight inch long phallus is canine - complete with an absolutely huge knot, which seems to have a "natural" size of about the size of a baseball - while it swells up to "melon sized" during the sex scene, this may be because of Scylla's corrupt magic. The player promptly ambushes her and slides their cock into her pussy; she eagerly goes along with the sex, even as the player hoists her over to Scylla and lets the cursed nun start feeding from the cat-herm's mismatched cock. The end result is that the other cats are left gorged fit to burst, Scylla is still happily nursing on the cat's swollen dog-cock, and the herm cat apologises for her friends, giving the player some gems in compensation... And then handing him the silver kitty-bell from the collar around her neck, hopefully telling him to keep it so that she can find him again in the future. After this, the player leaves them all to recuperate.
  • If the player submits, then the same dog-cocked herm cat is the one to pounce on the player, eagerly thrusting into the player's pussy and then feeding the player's cock into Scylla's ever-hungry mouth. The player is sexed by both of them until she passes out. When she recovers, Scylla happily explains that once they were finished, the cats apologised for their weakness and agreed to her "penance"; they gave her a bag of gems, which she gives to the player, and are going to try to restore some of the ruined and abandoned structures left behind by the demonic war. The player takes note of Scylla's cheery demeanour and suspects that many of her "missions of mercy" end up like this. Scylla then gives the player a silver kitty-bell, explaining the herm cat who was penetrating the player wanted them both to have one, so she can find them in the future. The player takes the bell and leaves.

Known Members Edit