Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Turtle-morph
Breed Kappa
Body Parts
Lips dark green, her almost black lips
Torso hard turtle shell, the front of which covers her belly yet supports her exposed breasts like some kind of perverse hard corset
Skin green
Hair curly red locks of hair
Sexual Make-Up
Breasts Massive mammaries with pert nipples
Locations and More
Location(s) Boat
Bad End Venus' Toy
Interaction Talk

Content Author: Big Papa Coyote

"Can't hide in a shell when you're orgasming."

Venus is a giant kapa, a turtle-morph subspecies, who has been transformed to her gargantuan size by the corrupted waters of the Lake.

"One day I was bathing in the Lake all alone when it suddenly... changed. I couldn't put my finger on it at the time, but the more I bathed the dirtier I felt. I soon left, deciding that I should stay away for a while... but I had such intense dreams that night, unlike any I ever had before. I kept thinking of naked bodies rubbing up and down against my own body, of large cocks of every shape and description teasing my pussy or my plump rear, sliding between my cunt lips or my buttocks. After that I just couldn't seem to help myself, I had to go back to the Lake and take another dip, and another, and another."

Ingame Description:
She takes in a tremendous gulp of air before stretching, arching her back as far her shell will let her while her green hands flutter near her monumental rack. You take in the sight of the green giantess, from her wet yet curly red locks of hair, to her dark green, her almost black lips, her massive mammaries which she's currently fondling quite lewdly, to the hard turtle shell, the front of which covers her belly yet supports her exposed breasts like some kind of perverse hard corset. She pinches a pert nipple, cooing in pleasure before finally opening her eyes and taking notice of you.

"Oh my, a visitor? Or just a sneaky voyeur? What a little thing you are. Or maybe it's all this dreadful weight I've gained. I was of a much smaller, petite stature before the demons began pumping all those yummy liquids into the Lake. I'm afraid I got a little gluttonous and gained a few pounds. What do you think? Has little Venus gone overboard?"

Ingame Description:
As you row through the lake you encounter a familiar sight, a giant shell as big as an island. As you row near it the terrapin giantess, Venus emerges from the corrupted waters. One giant green hand plays with her titanic jugs as the other remains in the water playing with her unseen sex. It takes several moments before she notices you. "Oh my, it's you again, my favorite voyeur! Did you come back for a little peek, or do you want to have some real fun?"

"I always wanted tits as big as mountains, so now that I got them why not have fun with them?"

Hermifying VenusEdit


Have ten (10) incubi drafts in inventory when visiting Venus.

Select to destroy the Factory and corrupt the lake

You wouldn’t have offered if you didn’t want to see a giant green futa-cock dangling between her legs. Your declaration seems to have deepened her blush to almost beet red, but the lustful look in her eyes betrays her desire.

Since her hands are too large to fiddle with the small containers she has you stand on her bottom lip while she lies down, you pouring draft after draft into her open mouth. By the time the tenth draft has been emptied the green girl can barely keep still, writhing in sexual pleasure and excitement. She picks you up into one hand as she sits up spread legged, her other hand clasped to her pink nether regions, her palm rubbing furiously at her clit. "Oh my goddess it feels too good! I’m going to cum, I got to cum," she cries out as her hand is pushed out away from her crotch by her expanding clitoris, the pink nub taking on a green color and a much more phallic shape. As her clit-cock expands and changes she grabs it with her hand, getting in two good strokes before the change is complete and she ejaculates for the first time with her new green turtle herm cock!

"Oh gods above, is that what it’s like for men? I got to get me more of that!" she exclaims, looking at you expectantly. "Well, giving me a cock was your idea, so you won’t mind helping me use it, right?"

You look at her with a raised eyebrow. Use how?

"Once we go in our shells no one can mess with us, at least until the demons came with their lust magic. Can't hide in a shell when you're orgasming."

You wake up about an hour later, dressed and in your boat, already docked back at shore. The green giant Venus is there, sitting nearby and gazing out over the lake before your movements attract her attention. "Hey there voyeur," she says happily, a lot calmer than she was with you in her cock, but still with the ever present haze of lust in her eyes. "Look, I just wanted to thank you. Not a lot of people are cool with me, what with my size and perverse delights that’d probably make a succubus faint, don’t act like you don’t know. But you’ve been pretty cool, even when I shove you into sex holes where whole people probably shouldn’t go. And, you gave me a cock. I wanted a dick even before I started soaking up corrupt fluids like a sponge, and now I have one thanks to you. So... thanks babe," she finishes before wading back out into the lake. What a strange, grateful girl.


  • Peek: You're a voyeur; she's the exhibitionist.
  • Hug Boobs: She hugs you to her enormous breasts; you get the best titfuck imaginable.
  • Fuck: You're a dildo.
  • Urethra Fuck: You're a sounding rod. (After she grows a dick.)
  • Talk: You learn more about her and her race. This also calms down her corruption, which if it maxes out, Bad End!
  • Leave: Return to Camp .

"You're just so small and sweet I want to pick you up and give you a great big hug."

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