Gender Female
Species and Family
Species Dog-morph
Breed Corgi
Clothing stylish low-cut clothing, a monocle and a poofy feather hat
Locations and More
Occupation professional tailor
Location(s) Tailor
Interaction Talk
Buy Clothes
Victoria is an anthropomorphic dog-morph of corgi breed who lives in Tel'Adre, where she runs the Tailor shop. Very short and busty, she speaks with an English accent (minor Cockney influences) and wears stylish low-cut clothing, a monocle and a poofy feather hat. Fundamentally a professional, she is not above flirting with her customers by flaunting her large breasts and catching subtle gropes of them while measuring their in-seams.

As a result of this, the Champion equipped with a penis is able to have sex with Victoria; this requires they have their current lust be 35 or higher. If the Hero clicks on an item of clothing that is within their price range, they are presented with the option to flirt with her, which triggers a sex scene.

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