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The Volcanic Crag is a zone found through exploring the Wasteland, once the champions has reached level 16, passed through 48 days in Mareth and previously discovered the Swamp.

A place covered in volcanic rocks, crags and lava streams, few venture into this desolate parts of Mareth. Only the unique Drake's Heart adorns these fiery lands.

The Behemoth makes the landscape his home. Living in his camp in the less hostile parts of the Volcanic Crag, usually surviving through hunting or going back to the Wastelands.

Ingame Description:
You walk for some time, roaming the hard-packed and pink-tinged earth of the demon-realm of Mareth. As you progress, you can feel the air getting warm. It gets hotter as you progress until you finally stumble across a blackened landscape. You reward yourself with a sight of the endless series of a volcanic landscape. Crags dot the landscape.


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