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The Weaponsmith's Stand, in Tel'Adre, has a large collection of weapons available. The weaponsmith is a cranky old, unnamed husky-morph.

Ingame Description:
The high pitched ring of a steel hammer slamming into hot metal assaults your ears as you walk up to the stand. Sparks are flying with every blow the stand's owner strikes on his current work. The metal is glowing red hot, and the hammer falls with the relentless, practiced precision of an experienced blacksmith's guiding hand. Thick gray and white fur ruffles as the blacksmith stands up, revealing the details of his form to you. He's one of the dog-people that inhabits this city, though his fur and ears remind you of a dog one of your friends had growing up called a husky. The blacksmith is anything but husky. He's fairly short, but lean and whip-cord tough. His right arm is far more thickly muscled than his left thanks to his trade, and he walks with a self-assured gait that can only come with age and experience.

His piercing blue eyes meet yours as he notices you, and he barks, "Buy something or fuck off."

Items for PurchaseEdit

Name Description Cost
in Gems
Attack Notes
Large Claymore A massive sword that a very strong warrior might use. 1000 15 Has a strength requirement of 40. Classed as a large weapon.
Item Code: Claymor
A huge war hammer made almost entirely of steel that only the strongest warriors could use. 1600 15 Has a strength requirement of 80. Classed as a large weapon, and may cause the enemy to become stunned.
Item Code: Warhamr
Katana A curved blade that cuts through flesh with the greatest of ease. 500 10 Ignores 5 points of an enemy's armor defense.
Item Code: [Katana ]
Spear A staff with a sharp blade at the tip designed to pierce through the toughest armor. 450 8 Ignores all of an enemy's armor defense.
Item Code: [Spear ]
Coiled Whip A coiled length of leather designed to lash your foes into submission. 500 5 Attacks may cause foes to gain lust.
Item Code: [Whip ]
Wizard's Staff An oddly bent piece of solid wood favored by spell casters. It is said to be made from one of Marae's roots and allow for easier magic use. 350 3 Grants the Wizard's Focus perk, reducing spellcasting costs by 40%.
Item Code: W.Staff
This pair of metal gauntlets have the knuckles tipped with sharp spikes. 400 5 May cause the enemy to be stunned.
Item Code: S.Gaunt
Wingstick A tri-bladed throwing weapon. A Wingstick is only good for one use. 16 N/A Not an equippable weapon, but can be used in combat to attack the foe. Deals 40-100 damage with each hit.
Item Code: W.Stick
These weapons were added by this mod.

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