Worms are white maggot like creatures covered in a sticky slime.

  • Found in the Mountains
  • 60 HP; resistant to many attacks. See Combat damage.
  • Will attempt to fight the Champion if they have a penis, if not will not notice them and go along their own way
  • In battle they will attempt to infect the Champion by covering their entire body sealing them in a cocoon, and moving down the Hero's urethra to settle in their prostate.
  • Lose enough battles through lust and the worms will adapt to your body.
    • When they adapt and the Champion is a herm or a male that has no testicles, the Hero's prostate becomes their permanent home.
    • If the Champion is a male or a herm with testicles when they adapt, the worms will move down and burrow into your testicles to make them their permanent home. This also increases your testicle size/density.
  • They also aid in sperm production.

Sex scenesEdit

  • Infestation — penis; become engulfed by worm colony (through losing or successful Worm attack)
  • Re-infestation — penis; have been infested before (randomly occurs at night)
  • Infestation—Ability Gain — lose by lust 5 times to any enemy
    • Increases balls size (if you have any).
    • For Female Champion getting Worms injected by losing to an infected creature results in fertility loss each time some of the worms leave her body until there are no wors left inside.
  • "'Hellhound'" — random Mountain encounter. After choosing to encounter the worms, whether infested or not, Hellhounds encountered have a chance to be worm infected, and losing to them unlocks a unique sex scene centered around the Hellhound's infestation.


Once infected, The Champion's lust will never drop below 50, which may make it hard to face some enemies, or to do much with the Hero without frequent masturbation breaks. (Having the Corrupt Libido perk will greatly aid the user in avoiding this, however.) After 5 lust based defeats, the Champion will also earn a move listed under your special attacks that will allow you to infest your enemies with the worms (and beneficially lowers lust to 50, whether it worked or not). This move is a one-shot defeat, but it will only hit if their opponent's lust is high enough, which they must usually accomplish through the use of Tease or Seduction.


From their behavior, they can only live in male genitalia. If the Champion were to suddenly lose said genitalia, the worms will leave.

  • Giacomo can also sell you a potion that will cause the worms to evacuate the Champion's body, though it is expensive and health / stat damaging (-85% health, Lust reduced to 0, Libido reduced to maximum of 70 with no change if less already).
  • After discovering Jojo for the first time, or if he is a Follower, he will offer to help purge the infestation for free at a health / stat penalty (-50% health, +10 sensitivity) and corruption reduction (-15).
  • Gaining Exgartuan will automatically purge the infestation for no penalty.
  • Drinking Reptilum until the Champion's penis turns into "a bulbous, lizard-like cock" will cause the worms to leave your penis, stating that "Perhaps they prefer mammals?" (However the Hero will still be infected if you lose to the worms again.)
  • Using the Ghost Masturbate sex sequence with Follower Shouldra will give the Champion the option of keeping Shouldra or keeping the worms after she freaks out. If the Hero chooses to keep Shouldra, she will purge the worms from your body seemingly with no penalty.
  • The Gargoyle can perform a ritual to banish the worms. It does 33% of max hp damage and 10 fatigue.

Before the Champion's first encounter with the worms, they will see a sign depicting an imp covered in worms, with one of the worms going into the imp's penis.

You will be given 3 choices:

  • Aroused — Will enable you to encounter the worms. (frequently)
  • Grossed out — Will prevent you from encountering the worms.
  • Who cares? — Will halve the worms encounter rate.


  • Seemingly every lover / follower will refuse to have sex with the Champion until they get rid of the worms.
  • Izma will permanently leave the game if she finds out the Champion's infected. (My little Alpha can't be this gross!)
  • Giacomo takes one of the worms when the champion uses his cure.
  • The worms are of the phylum annelid.