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The Xmas Elf is Santa's not so little helper.

Ingame Description:
Your sleep is disturbed by something repeatedly smacking into your side. Groggily at first, you grumble and throw back your blanket. Then you remember where you are, and snap to full wakefulness. You launch onto your feet, bring up your fists, and stare bewildered at the sight in front of you.

Standing there, innocent as can be, is an elf. She can't be more than four and a half feet tall, and though she has fairly womanly hips, her chest is nothing to speak of. Her clothing is strange — a red two piece lined with some kind of white fur. She has typically pointed ears, blond hair, and a red fur-lined cap topped with a white puffball. She's holding a large box in front of her and looking at you expectantly as you stare, dumbfounded.

The elf says, "Hiya Champion! I brought you a present, straight from the big man himself!"


The Xmas elf wakes the Champion in the night to give them a present. The specific nature of the present depends on a determination of «naughty» or «nice», with «nice» giving you a choice of gifts — «unwrap the present» or «unwrap the elf». The former gives you an item, while the latter can give you the Elven Bounty perk, depending on a choice given at the end of the encounter. You can also refuse the gift.

Xmas Elf spoilers
Opening the Champions Present


[Unwrap Elf] Only the Champion who would not find coal in the present, OR who is non-genderless will have this option.

  • [Male] — requires cock.
    • [Yes]Elven Bounty perk — +250 mls to cum volume
    • [No] — +15 intellect.
  • [Female] — requires vagina
    • [Yes] — Elven Bounty perk — +15 to fertility
    • [No] — +15 intellect.


  • Nothing happens.

Elven Bounty is a stackable perk. So you can get, for example, +500 mls to cum volume and +15 to fertility after 3 years.

Only one encounter per save/character per year. (as usual next year number must be bigger than previous)

Requires the player's computer time to be between December 25 and 31, inclusive. Happens automatically when you sleep. No level restrictions.

Xmas Elf cheats
Make the Champion «nice»!

If you still want to have the nice option (and so the choice to unlock the Elven Bounty perk), just edit your savefile so that "cor" is set to zero and "monk" is set to zero and other flags is set to needed values. Go through the encounter, make a save, and restore the aforementioned values again.

Probably needed flags :

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