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The ice yeti is a creature of the Glacial Rift, usually residing in caves. It is here, the caves riddling the Rift, you continually find them, falling through ice tubes to the floor of the yeti's cave.

Ingame Description:
You are fighting an ice yeti, a savage of the north built to endure and hunt in the unforgiving cold. Every inch of its body is covered in a thick white pelt though you can still make out the definition of bulging muscles from underneath. Its face is bestial, with narrow slitted eyes, and a pressed in feline nose all over a large maw of sharp, jagged teeth. It’s a menacing sight to behold. It standing about eight feet tall, with long tree trunk wide limbs ending in claws sharp enough to dig into thick ice. There’s no question about gender; it’s obviously a male. A large, thick sheath protects his manhood from the freezing weather, and below are a pair of baseball sized testicles, held tight against his warm body by a heavy, furred ballsack.

Stats Edit

The Yet usually appears at level 20 with 610 health points and stikes with normal blows (around 80 damage) but also a tackle (around 200 damage), which the player can avoid (seen with a speed of 80) which leads to the Yeti suffering damage from his own attack (around 50 damage).

Yeti sex options Edit

  • Buttfuck: requires cock.
  • Ride his cock