Zetaz's Map
General Information
Type Key Item
Usage Getting to the Stronghold
Locations Found
Found At Deep Cave

Content Author: Unknown

Zetaz's Map is a key item obtained by going to the Deep Cave and defeating Zetaz in battle. Once the champion has it, they will be able to find Lethice's Stronghold.

Zetaz's Map, helping the champion find the Stronghold
During your exploration, you come across a familiar looking patch of ground. In fact... you pull out Zetaz’s map, your eyes widening as they realize what you’ve just found: Lethice’s Keep. You follow a concealed trail past several harpy nests directly to an almost invisible cave entrance. You never would’ve found it without the map.

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The only object inside is a detailed map of the mountain and its upper reaches. Though the secret diagram is quite crude, it depicts a winding trail that bypasses numerous harpy nests, minotaur caves, and various unrecognizable pitfalls to reach the cloud-shrouded mountain peak. The drawing loses much of its detail once it gets to the demon fortifications at the top, but it can't be that hard to track down Lethice once you've entered the seat of her power, can it?

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